Zoo Animals: Letter D: Review All Numbers

Announcements:  This week we are doing our last field trip!  All parents are more then welcome to come please let me know if you are planning on coming so I know if we have enough seats.  Please bring children in t-shirts and bring a car or booster seat.  Also if you are planning on just meeting us there I need to know.   We are meeting at my house at 9:30 for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning classes.  We will go directly to the park.  I have a worksheet for the children to fill out as they find certain animals.  After we have seen the animals we will go to the playground that is right next to the zoo and have a snack and let the kids play for a little while.  We will leave the park at 11:00 and you may pick up your child at preschool at 11:30.  If we have extra time when we get back I do have final assessments that I would like to start so I can get them done before the end of the year.  Thursday afternoon we will leave at 12:30 from preschool and stay at the park until 2:00. You can pick up your children at the regular time of 2:30.

Homework Challenge:  We have at least one preschool student involved with the Smithfield Children’s play tonight and tomorrow.  I would encourage you to attend with your whole family.  The play is at Sky View High and starts at 7:00 both nights.  The play is called, “Sinbad’s Odyssey”  I have three children in the play and it will be fun.
Tomorrow (Saturday Morning) is the Smithfield Health Day’s Parade at 10:00 am The route begins at Sky View High School, heads west on 400 South then turns north on 100 East.
After the parade there are fun activities all day long at Forrester Acres Park.

Have a great mothers Day and I hope your children gave you their presents they made in school.  Don’t forget to do some reading this weekend.  I would love to give new books to all my students next week!

Monday and Wednesday:  Field Trip Day–See announcements above for details
Be sure to wear your shirt (if you don’t have one because you are new I will be giving you your today!)

Tuesday:  Turtle Craft
Snack:  Dill Pickles

Thursday:  Field Trip Day–See above for details!