Play with Me Week 11-Math Skills

Music helps develop children’s math skills: A simple song can include basic math skills such as counting, repeating patterns, and sequencing.   Some of the songs we have learned that teach math skills is “5 little ducks”,  “1 little, 2 little, 3 little round balls,” “Stars Shining Number number 1,” and “All the Sleepy Bunnies.”  This can help learn simple counting skills at a very young age.  When you pair math with music it can be very enjoyable for young children.

This week we are learning about shapes through music.  We are singing “Can you play the _______(insert a shape name).  This is sung to the tune of “Here we are together.”  You can help reinforce the shapes by identifying common home items you see with different shapes.

One of the songs we have learned is “Horsie Horsie.”  You can give horsie rides on your legs sitting or lying on your back.  Here are the lyrics:  “Horsie horsie on your way we’ve been together for many a day so let your tail go swish and the wheels go round, giddyup your homeward bound.  I’d like to to take a horse and buggy I’d like to travel round the town, I’d like to see the hooves go clip clop I’d like to see the wheels go round.

Have a great spring break and I’ll see you all April 11th.