Things that Go!

Sept. 20th Week 4- Things that Go
Seat Work—Scissor work

Practice writing names


Introduce Theme and Letter and Number of the Day


Music Circle Time

Hello Song

Instruments—Little Wheel a Turning—add louds and softs

Social—Wheels on the Bus—have each child think of another vehicle and a sound it makes

Counting—Blue Jello with instruments

Music Appreciation/Readiness—PP—FF dynamics

Small and Large Movement Skills—Row Row Row you boat w/actions and round

ABC/Reading—ABC cards hidden–have each song represented on a letter

Singing—Child Chooses Songs

Creating Project (arts and crafts)-Make Banana Boats with banana’s peanut butter raisins and construction paper with a toothpick

Free Time-choose activity inside or outside before snacks (Vehicles w/playmate)

Snacktime—Eat our boats after taking pictures

Reading Time

Writing assignment (numbers and/or letters)

Group Motor Activity-Red Light Green Light

Math/Science Skills—Sort vehicles in three piles: land, air or sea.  Count each pile


Goodbye Song

Wed and Thursday—

Box 200

Active Play

Seat Work—more scissor work

Practice writing names


Introduce Theme and Letter and Number of the Day


Walk to Park for Preschool Olympics

Obstacle Course (Kick a ball around cones, Walk on line, 5 jumping jacks, crab walk back.)


Spoon w/ “egg” Relay

Hot Potato

Simon Says

Snacktime water and sliced fruit

Doggy, Doggy, Where’s Your Bone?

Activity Mats

Capture the Flag
Walk back to Preschool

Goodbye Song

Announcements–This week is our first field trip.  We are going to a close park to do some fun active games. You are more then welcome to come and join the group to help out. Here are times we will be leaving and coming back for each group.  
Fantasia Group–Leave at 9:15 come back at 10:15
Cadenza Group–Leave at 10:50 come back at 11:50
Symphony Group–Leave at 9:30 come back at 11:15
Home Challenge–Our days are getting numbered when we can get outside and play.  I challenge you to take your preschooler to the park and have each of you take a turn to make up an obstacle course on the playground you can take turns doing it and if they enjoy the competitive side, take a stop watch and time them to see if they can beat them self.  Please let me know if you have any concerns about your child or any questions.  I feel like all the kids are doing really well and I’m enjoying each of them!