Play with Me Session #4

play w me 026I’m excited for our new group of songs we are starting today.  Because Valentines is coming up we will be doing some Valentine/Love songs which are super fun.  When our little ones are really small and cuddly we really give them lots of cuddle time, hugs, kisses and carry them around every where.  When they get a little bigger and more mobile it can make it more difficult to get that cuddling and loving time in.  Music, dancing, and the musical prompts within a song can help incorporate that into our day.  Even with my 12 year old who is a very touchy feely person (and I’m really not) I really need to show him I love him everyday that I love him through touch.  This may sound funny but the last couple weeks he doesn’t want to get out of bed until I “sit” on him and squish him.  This really has made me realize that no matter the age our children really need our love in more then just feeding, clothing and getting them where they need to go.  They need our loving words, our listening ear, our time to just be with them, and physical touch.
One of the new songs I’m going to teach today is called My Brand New Friend
Jumping up and down with my brand, new friend.  (repeat 3 times)
Time to stop Cause its the end
One To Her’s what you do
Find another way/friend to jump with you.
We are going to explore lots of different ways we can jump with each other.