Play with Me Week 14-Music and Movement

Car Seat BabyOne of my favorite ways to involve children in music is through Music and Movement. Children naturally move to music. Children naturally respond to music by moving and being active. Music helps children learn about rhythm and develop motor coordination.

Group dances like the Hokey Pokey help children learn about their body parts (“you put your right foot in,” “you put your left hand in…”), sense of direction (turning around, going left and right, moving back and forth), and rhythm patterns (clapping to the beat).

One of the fun songs we learned this week was “The Wiggly Jiggly Car Ride”
This is a fun song to do together on your lap and you bounce and swing.
To keep you safe safe safe keep your seat belt on on on (repeat)
Wiggly Jiggly here we go we’re riding in the car
Wiggly Jiggly Hippity Hop now it’s time to stop
Whoooooo, Whooooooo, Whooooo
(repeat wiggly jiggly lines)

The kids will want to do this over and over because it’s so fun. This is a very transferable song that can be used when you have a toddler that does not want to get in his carseat. You can sing this song as you put him in his car seat to help keep him calm and not arch his back and throw a tantrum. This is the season that car seats are just not fun. Cars are hot and seats are so confining with it would be so much funner to run around and play outside. So try this little song and it may just help.