Parent’s Feedback

We definitely see a wonderful value in music therapy for our baby!!! It has helped him to actually enjoy therapy. He gets excited when I even just say Ms. Heather is coming over to play today!! Not only does it motivate him to work hard. Music therapy helps him to use all his senses. It is non verbal so he can communicate through music whether he’s cooing, babbling, eyes twinkling, kicking, or we help him play a instrument to the music. He can communicate in His own very special and perfect way!!! Music also speaks to all parts of your brain. So with his brain malformation music is key and beneficial for learning and development!! Not to mention he loves almost every minute of therapy.–H. Pedersen (February 2016)

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Heather. She has been putting a lot of effort in helping our 3 year old Autistic son with her music therapy. She is incredibly patient, extremely meticulous, very empathetic and loving. She has been able to calm my hyper active son (with soothing music) at the same time,create interest in music. She has been using music to help him adjust to new environments and transition from one activity to another. Heather also changes her approach constantly to make things interesting for my son. My son doesn’t sit in one place for more than 2 minutes, but when Heather arrives he becomes so interested, sits in one place and enjoys the session a lot. He loves being with her and looks forward to her class every week. We are so glad to have found a therapist like Ms. Heather.  (March 2014)