Adapted Music Lessons

Adapted Music Lessons for those who would like to take music lessons but because of physical or various learning challenges need a music therapist to adapt to the unique needs of the student.  Instruments that Heather can teach are:

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Voice
  • Recorder or Flute


Heather will be able to adapt not only the music lessons but the written music to the needs of the client.  Some of the ways that may be used is color coding, using numbers, enlarging the print, have the client choose preferred music, full body movement to help feel and find the rhythm, taking a slower or faster pace of learner, musical improvisation and composition.  Heather will set not only musical goals for the client but non-musical goals such as:

  • Increase attention span -Attending to the instrument for a specific amount of time
  • Expressing self through music-teaching fun and safe ways to express a persons emotions through their instrument.
  • Finding joy in learning new skills, songs, and techniques (have the student help teacher choose songs they would enjoy)


Adapted Music Lesson Cost:  $30 for a half hour lesson

Please call or e-mail for lesson time availability and adapted music lesson assessment

435-563-6543 or