Let’s Go to the Circus-Letter A; Number 70-80


  • March 30-April 2–Spring Break-Have a great time with your family!
  • Show and Tell is April 6 and 8th for 3-4 year old class and April 9th for 4-5 year olds–Please have your child bring an item that starts with the letter of their name.
  • Scholastic Book orders are expected to arrive on Monday.  I will call each of you to let you know when you can come by to pick them up so you can have them for Easter and Birthdays
  • Contest Winners!!!  First I want to thank everyone for your support!  I am almost full for next year and that is awesome.  I really appreciate each of you for your recommendations.  I had over 40 entries in the contest!    And the winners are:           Diana Burk and Melissa Peterson!  I will give you both $30 gift certificates that you can use for tuition for April or May or even summer classes.  You can also use them for Play with Me Music Classes.  Congratulations!!!
  • We have now gone through all the letters in the alphabet and have started over in reviewing them.  You will see a variety of worksheets to emphasis skills and concepts we are reinforcing.
  • When you come back for spring break I will give out the calendars for April

Home Challenge:

Since you don’t have school this next week I challenge you to include one learning activity into each day.  I’m sure you already do this, but if not here is some ideas:

  • Die Easter eggs together and see what happens when you mix different colors together.
  • Discover a new computer game that is educational.  I really like Kahn Academy for my kids.  It has math concepts from kindergarten to high school.  All my kids will be working on Kahn for at least 20 minutes a day during the break.  For younger kids I like Abcya.com.
  • With the weather getting so nice-let them play and explore outside.  Have them search for bugs, birds, flowers.  You can even have them listen for sounds outside.
  • When the weather isn’t nice take time to play a game together inside
  • Have play dough time

April 6-8
Spotlight Lillia on April 7
Spotlight Britta on April 8
Art–Paperplate Clown Faces

April 9
Art–Playdough creations