Insects and Bugs

Letter I
Numbers: Count by 10 to 100

Announcements: Look for calendars and reading books in backpacks this week. We only have three weeks left of school so lets see how many books we can read before the end of the year. If you would like more then one book sent home at once let me know. Just be sure to bring back all books by Graduation day. Next week will be our last field trip. We are going to Willow Park Zoo! All parents are welcome to come with us and you can bring your little ones with you. It does have an admission price of $2.50 for adults and $1.50 for 3-12. Age 2 and under are free. Remember to have your child wear their Music Train T-shirt.

Challenge: Summer can be challenging for moms! I know because if I don’t plan ahead it can get overwhelming. Start thinking know of what goals you want for your children over the summer. Are their skills and abilities that would be good to foster over the summer when you have more time. We like to do swimming lessons in the summer. I also really focus on our music lessons because we have more time where I can spend practicing with them. I also structure in our day time to do chores and also time to do reading. I also like to have a day where we go out in the town and do something fun or educational. Go to a concert at the Tabernacle, take the bus to Aggie ice cream, visit Summer-fest, Go on a bike ride or hike together, Weekly library visits, Go to the splash pad or local park. But putting in a little bit of structure into everyday helps my kids look forward and not say the “I’m bored” as much. If you need a summer preschool schedule let me know I can put one in your child’s backpack.

Craft:Ladybug Die Game
Snacks:Bugs on a log

Craft: Pencil Bug Crawlers