I’m a VIP Week

Tuesday Sept. 6th and Wednesday 7th 
Theme: I’m a VIP- 
Letter S and Number 2
Seat Work-Writing lines

Practice writing names


Birthday Spotlight!

Introduce Theme and Letter and Number of the Day

Music Circle Time (puzzle with songs on back to choose)

Small and Large Movement Skills—Head Shoulder’s Knees and Toes

            Open and Shut Them

Instruments—Group and solo time

Social—Our Favorite Things

Counting—Five Little Speckled Frogs

Music Appreciation/Readiness-Teach Two Black Keys on the piano

ABC/Reading– ABC-sing back to me.  Line up the music letters and sing a
musical phrase and have them sing and point it back
Singing—Pick a song

Creating Project (arts and crafts)—Hand and Finger Painting  


Free Time-choose activity (Building Blocks) inside or play outside

Snacktime—Fresh Fruit/Spotlight treat

Reading Time

Writing assignment (numbers and/or letters)—Lesson 2 & 3

Group Motor Activity—Red Light, Green Light

Math/Science Skills—Math Patterns


Goodbye Song

Sept 8th I’m a VIP—Letter S and Number 2
Seat Work—What’s different?

Practice writing names

Introduce Theme and Letter and Number of the Day


Music Circle Time

Small and Large Movement Skills—If your Happy and you know it (add different emotions sad, 
angry, excited, lonely, scared)

Instruments:  Drumming unaccompanied

Social—Mirror Dancing first with teacher and then partners

Counting—Hickory Dickory Dock

Music Appreciation/Readiness—Hide Letters around the room and put in order

ABC/Reading—Alphabet Rumba

Singing—Child Chooses Songs

Creating Project (arts and crafts)  -Stencils and Cutting out favorite things

Free Time-choose activity inside or outside before snacks

Snacktime—Baby Carrots

Reading Time

Writing assignment (numbers and/or letters)

Group Motor Activity–Tag

Math/Science Skills—Uncle Wiggly


Goodbye Song

Calendar Items:  No School on Monday–Labor Day
On Tuesday and Wednesday we will be using Finger Paints–They are washable but you may want to send your child in an outfit that can get dirty.  I do use aprons but they it doesn’t cover everything. 
Home Challenge:  We are learning the letter S this week.  Point out S’s while you are driving in the car or at the store, on the cereal boxes.