Friends of All Kinds-Letter B; Number 19

Announcements:  This week is show and Tell.  Bring 20 of the same item.  20 beans, legos, dolls, stickers, action figures.  You get the idea.  Have them practice at home counting them I will have them count them for the class.  Don’t worry I will help them if they are struggling.  4-5 year olds will have show and tell on Thursday!

I will do mid-year assessments this week to see how each student is progressing.  I will e-mail you their results and set new goals the following week.

February Tuition is due next week by Friday.  Thanks!

I will give out calendars this week.  If you don’t see one in your child’s backpack please ask me, I may have just forgotten to give it out.  =)

Home Challenge:  We are talking about people of different abilities and challenges this week.  It would be great if your family could have a discussion about people you know or have seen in the community that have a disability.  Emphasize that people with differing abilities can do many of the things everyone else can do, and we shouldn’t focus on their disability.  They may already know someone in their neighborhood or family who has a challenge; encourage them to be friendly and kind to them.  Hopefully by talking about this our children will not be afraid to be friends and play with other children who have a disability.

Monday-Wednesday–Show and tell for 3-4 year olds

Treat:  Bananas
Craft: Making Valentines for our Grandfriends (3-4 year olds)  The 4-5 year olds will be coloring pictures of children with different challenges

Thursday–Show and Tell for 4-5 year olds

Treat:  Blueberry Muffins
Craft:  Blindfold Art