Friends of all Kinds

February 6-9th  Friends of all Kinds
Seat Work

Practice writing names

Student of the Day/Weather/Calendar

Introduce Theme and Letter and Number of the Day-Letter Y & Number 19


Spotlight Samantha!

Show and Tell—Bring something that is grown

Music Circle Time

Hello Song

Instruments-We are different (choose instruments and teach lyrics)

Social—Show Differing Ability Posters while listening to “Not That Different”  What’s it like to be disabled (Experiment being hard of hearing, blind, and unable to walk) then discuss what we all have in common. 

Counting-“Every Star is Different”  -Put a number of stars on while singing the

song and then have a volunteer count and tell how many stars are on the board

Music Appreciation/Readiness—Fix the Order and What’s Missing

Small and Large Movement Skills—I’m a Little Teapot

ABC/Reading—My Bonnie—stand up and down on B sounds

Singing—Student of the Day Chooses Songs

Creating Project (arts and crafts)—Make Valentine Cards for Field Trip

Free Time-choose activity inside or outside before snacks  (Ability Puzzles and Lincoln Logs)


Reading Time

Writing assignment (numbers and/or letters)

Group Motor Activity—Make an obstacle course indoors or outdoors

Math/Science Skills—Guessing Number game.  I’m thinking of a number….

Storytime—Why am I different?

Goodbye Song

Wednesday and Thursday

Seat Work

Practice writing names


Introduce Theme and Letter and Number of the Day Letter Y & Number 19


Get ready to go on Field Trip

Music Circle Time at Sunshine Terrace:  Theme Silly Songs

Hello Song:  Jennifer

Instruments:  Jennifer

Social—Parachute w/ Circle to the Left

Counting—I’m a nut (count how many nuts we have)

Music Appreciation/Readiness

Small and Large Movement Skills—Hokey Pokey

ABC/Reading—Alphabet Rumba—Find the resident with your matching letter

Snacktime—Fruit Leather

Reading Time

Writing assignment (numbers and/or letters)

Group Motor Activity—Soccer Time

Math/Science Skills—Phone Number Practice

Storytime—Some Kids Use Wheelchairs, and Someone Special Like You. 

Goodbye Song

Announcements:  February Tuition is Due Monday or Tuesday.  Don’t forget to have your child where their preschool t-shirt on Wednesday or Thursday.  If you buy a t-shirt this month I will be picking them up on Tuesday afternoon I will put their new t-shirt over the shirt they wear to school. 

Homework:  We are talking about people of different abilities and challenges this week.  It would be great if your family could have a discussion about people you know or have seen in the community that have a disability.  Emphasize that people with differing abilities can do many of the things everyone else can do, and we shouldn’t focus on their disability.  They may already know someone in their neighborhood or family who has a challenge; encourage them to be friendly and kind to them.  Hopefully by talking about this our children will not be afraid to be friends and play with other children who have a disability.   

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