Flavorful Food

Learning Stations
Weather, Calendar, Counting, Letter and Number of the Day—D and 6
Seat Work
Reading and Writing
Music Circle Time
Hello Song
Small Movement Skills-Where is Thumpkin
Instruments All Around the Kitchen
Social Muffin Man
Counting Blue Jello’s
Music readiness/rhythm ABC sing with me
Large Movement Skills- Dance Director
Cognitive (colors, shapes, letters) I like to Eat…Apples and Bananas
Singing—Child Chooses Songs
Outside Play
Snack & Story Time—Homemade Scones– Read Hungry Caterpillar
Creating Project (arts and crafts) Food Group cut out project
Math/Science Skills Uno Attack
Goodbye Song
Learning Stations
Announcements: This is Fall Break or UEA week. On our yearly calendar it shows we don’t have class 15-17 but…I messed up on the monthly calendar for the Wednesday 3-4 year old class and forgot to indicate we have no class this week. My kids’ parent teacher conferences are on Wednesday morning otherwise I would have just taught. I’m sorry I hope this doesn’t mess up your schedule.
Homework Assignment: 4-5 year olds—We have learned the sounds for A, S, M, T, E, R. Will you work with your child to make sure they have these sounds down. Some of the words they have been reading are: Sam, Mat, Eat, At, Am, Mean, Me. What would be awesome is to make some cards with this on and put them in their room and occationally read them together. We sound them out by blending the sounds together slowly and then I say “what is the word” and they say the word fast. Please let me know if you have questions and I’ll show you what I mean in person.

I have noticed some of the backpacks and folders are getting full. Make sure you go through the folder at the end of the week and talk about the letter and number they learned. If they need to finish up the worksheet you can do that at this time. We have a magnet board at home for each child for their art projects and such. Once it’s full we have to switch some things out by making choices about what they want to keep. You just can’t save everything. At least I can’t because it can be overwhelming. So this is a good practice for them to choose which ones they want to keep. You may also want to think about getting a file folder or accordion folder to keep the really special things for each school year.