Everything Grows! Letter:Z Numbers: 40-50


  • I only have two more openings for my 4-5 year old class and then I will start a waiting list.  So if you would like to be in our 4-5 year old class next year, I would suggest you contact me this week.
  • Next week our 4-5 year olds will be going to Lowe’s for a store tour and then a Make and Take project.  This is such a fun field trip for the kids.  They come home with a project they make plus an apron, and work glasses.  Did you know Lowe’s and Home Depot offer free kids crafts on Saturday’s.  This is a great activity for parents to attend with their little ones and make something.  Lowe’s next class is making Monster Trucks on March 14th at 10 AM.  You must register here to go.  Home Depots next Kids Class is making planter boxes on April 4th at 9 am-12pm register here to attend.  It’s recommended for ages 5-12 but if you help your child it is do-able for younger ages.
  • We are planting purple coneflowers.  They need a warm, sunny spot and water.  Let your child water with a spray bottle.  This will help them develop necessary muscles needed for writing!  I had them do 5 sprays.  Just keep the soil moist but not drowning.  I’m hoping by mothers day you will have some pretty flowers you can plant in your yard and enjoy them all summer long.  =)

Homework Challenge:  We have gone through every letter so far this year!  So what I’m going to do starting next week is start back at the beginning letter we started with.  With our 3-4 year old class we will focus not only the name of the letter but also the sound the letter makes.  I will be starting the book “How to teach your child in 100 easy lessons” with our 3-4 year olds.  This will give them a great start into readying.  We will just do one lesson a week.  The first letter it introduces is M.  We will write it in salt, in the air, on the carpet.  We will sound it out and find it in other words.  This multi-sensory approach is a great way to expose the letters.  I challenge you to read everyday with your child.  As you read let them help you find all of the M’s or whatever letter we are working on that week.  You can make it a game and have a tally system and see how many they can find by the end of the story.  If they get so many they get a treat or you can give them a cheerio, a grape, bouncy ball, for every letter they find.  Make it fun and they will want to learn.

Monday-Wednesday:  Letter Z and Numbers 40-50
Spotlight Tanyla on Tuesday!
Spotlight Soren on Wednesday!
Snack:  Zuchinni Bread (Monday got Mandarin Oranges FYI because of allergies)
Craft:  Plant Purple Conflowers and decorate our pots

Snack:  Animal Crackers find the Zebra’s!
Craft:  Cupcake liner Poppy Scene