• This week is Show and Tell.  Monday and Wednesday for 3-4 year olds and Thursday for the 4-5 year old class.  Please have your child bring one favorite gift they got for Christmas.  Remind them they need to keep it in their backpack until show and tell time.
  • Calendars will be given out this week
  • Monthly Tuition is due this week by Thursday
  • Home Project: I would like to work on phone numbers with the students starting next week.  Could you please send me what phone number you would like your child to know to best get a hold of you. This is important information to know especially before Kindergarten.This will also emphasis number recognition as well. Practice dialing your phone numberon a “fake” phone at home. If they are having a hard time remembering the number I

    recommend putting it to music. It fits well with the “Bingo” song. “My phone number is

    seven long and I can dial home, 512-6094, 512-6094, 512-6094 and I can dial home (or I can dial mommy).”

Monday-Wednesday-Dinosaurs Letter: H  Number: 15
Craft Project-Paperplate dinosaur

Craft Project-Playdough Dinosaurs