Colors and Shapes

Colors and Shapes– Letter: S Number: 1
Learning Stations-Blocks, Color Sorting Boxes
Weather, Calendar, Counting, Letter and Number of the Day
Seat Work (writing name, worksheet)
Reading and Writing (Lesson 2)
Spotlights on preschool children-Spotlight Katelyn
Show and Tell- Only Monday Preschool Class-bring something that will help us to get to know you better
Music Circle Time
Hello Song
Small Movement Skills-5 little Speckled Frogs
Instruments In my little hand…
Social– Shape Movements w/ partners
Counting-1 2 buckle my shoe-use rhythm sticks

Music readiness/rhythm -Humpty Dumpty w egg shakers
Large Movement Skills-Rainbow Song
Cognitive (colors, shapes, letters) Shape Song (tune of Farmer in the Dell)
A circle’s like a ball, A circle’s like a ball,Round and round It never stops.A circle’s like a ball!
A square is like a box, A square is like a box,It has four sides, They are the same.A square is like box!
A triangle has 3 sides, A triangle has 3 sides,Up the mountain, Down, and back. A triangle has 3 sides!
A rectangle has 4 sides, A rectangle has 4 sides,Two are long, and Two are short.A rectangle has 4 sides!
Singing—Child Chooses Songs
Outside Play –Duck Duck Goose
Snack & Story Time-Purple Plums/Blue Hat, Green Hat
Creating Project (arts and crafts) Water Colors/Painting Mural
Math/Science Skills-color patterns
Goodbye Song
Announcements: Thank you for all those that brought your stickers. We are going to be using these all year round in our crafts and our reading chart.
I need everyone to pack an extra outfit just in case of an accident. If you will put it in a Ziplock bag to keep in their backpack that will be great.
If you haven’t paid your tuition for September, please turn this in this week.  Thanks!

Homework Challenge: This week we are working on our colors and shapes. I have been working on an assessment which gives me a baseline to what our preschoolers know right now. Most seem to know colors pretty well, so this week is fun because they are already familiar with the concepts. One shape that is difficult for preschoolers is the difference between squares and rectangles. So I challenge you to help your student find some squares and rectangles in your house. So they can see and feel the difference with you.