Birds: Letter: M Numbers 50-60


  • We need some toilet paper rolls for our craft next week.  If every student brought at least one roll we will be great.  So if you can save your rolls this week and just put them in your child’s backpack that would be awesome!
  • Scholastic book orders will be due March 20th.  Click here for order information. Activation code is NXVKB
  • Since my 4-5 year old class is full and I’ve had parents ask if I will open another class, I decided to do an afternoon class on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30-2:30.  If you already signed up to do the morning class and would prefer the afternoon please let me know and I’ll get you switched over.
  • You still have time to enter in the contest to win one of the gift certificates for $30 to put towards tuition.  Here is the ways you can enter.1. Like Music Train Preschool on Facebook (if you already have entered, great you have one chance already!)
    2. Like Play with Me Music on Facebook (same deal as before)
    3. Share post with your friends about Music Train Preschool Registration that is pinned at the top of the page
    4. Write a review on Play With Me Music Facebook page (if you have taken the class)
    5. If you don’t have Facebook you can write why you like Play with Me music in an e-mail to me
    6. Recommend to your friends and family to sign up and have them mention to me that you referred them. Every referral gets you another chance to win!
    The drawing will take place on March 28th so you can use the money towards Summer or Fall Play with Me Class or you can use it for Music Train Preschool Classes in the Fall. I thank you in advance for your recommendations!

Home Challenge:  Do you take just a minute to ask your child to show you their craft and show you their worksheet that has the letter of the day on it?  If you do this it will be another time to solidify the concepts they are learning at school.  Ask them to teach you something they learned at school.  If they can’t remember then check the calendar to see what we talked about and by prompting them with them specific questions it will often remind them.  Try to clean out their back-packs once a week.  If you notice they didn’t finish a worksheet take some time to have them do it at home.  Some of the children really are fast and some are slower to write and color so often their are a few that don’t get to finish their worksheets.

Monday-Wednesday: Letter M Numbers 50-60
Spotlight Emily on Monday!
Snack:  Moo Shakes
Craft:  Bird Feeders

Snack:  Mandarin Oranges
Craft:  Graham Cracker Peep House