Animals in My World Letter Q; Number 20-30

shapesAnnouncements: I got a new table this week and it’s been so great!  If you haven’t seen the picture on Facebook you can come in and check it out this week.

Home Challenge: I challenge you to discover shapes in your environment this week.  Point out the shape of different objects in the room.  What’s the shape of your doors, windows, tires, books, etc.  The shapes that seem to be hard to identify and remember is square vs. rectangle  Circle vs oval.  You can play I spy game with shapes as the central theme.  See the picture attached to this post for more shape names with pictures.

Monday:  Spotlight Sadie
Wednesday: Spotlight Lenore
Handprint Sheep
Snack:  Animal Crackers

Clothespin Horse
Snack:  Quesadillas