All About Me

Everyone is special

Learning Stations-Puzzles/
Weather, Calendar, Counting, Letter and Number of the Day-Letter A/ Number 2
Seat Work
Reading and Writing
Spotlights on preschool children-Malachi
Music Circle Time
Hello Song
Small Movement Skills– Open and Shut Them
Instruments All Night All Day w/drums
Social Our Favorite Things
Counting Five Little Speckled Frogs
Music readiness/rhythm Teach Two Black Keys on the piano
Large Movement Skills– Head Shoulder’s Knees and Toes
Cognitive (colors, shapes, letters) Put the letter M, S and A on an instrument so you have three instruments in the middle of the circle. “I’ve got a letter in my head, find it and play, repeat, Play the _____, “Tune of Li’l Liza Jane”
Singing—Child Chooses Songs
Outside Play -Follow the leader
Snack & Story Time-Carrot and celery sticks
Creating Project (arts and crafts)-Footprints and Handprints
Math/Science Skills-Safe/Unsafe (Healthy/Unhealthy) card Game
Goodbye Song

Learning Stations-Marble Mania and Puzzles
Weather, Calendar, Counting, Letter and Number of the Day
Seat Work
Reading and Writing
Spotlights on preschool children-Logan
Music Circle Time
Hello Song
Small Movement Skills Where is Thumbkin
Instruments-“Listen Listen”expose to different instrument sounds
Social Shake a Friends Hand
Counting 5 little Ducks
Music readiness/rhythm-Blue Jello
Large Movement Skills-Hey Mr. Knickerbocker
Cognitive (colors, shapes, letters) Slap A
Singing—Child Chooses Songs
Outside Play – Obstacle Course on playground
Snack & Story Time-Applesauce
Creating Project (arts and crafts)-My Name Foam Craft
Math/Science Skills-Brushing our teeth. Discuss the reasons we should brush our teeth. And do a demonstration of good brushing.
Goodbye Song
Announcements: Our first field trip is next week on Thursday 25th. We will be walking around the corner to our church and playing active games. This will just be for the four year olds. We are learning about how important each of us are and also how to take care of our bodies and stay healthy. You may want to check some books out at the library to read with your child about staying healthy. This is the time of year that we start staying indoors and sickness can spread. Ways to prevent this is washing hands, eating healthy, and exercise. It’s important that children still get time to play outside everyday so bring out the jackets and stay active this Fall and Winter!
Home Challenge: At least once a week take time to sit with your child and look at their worksheet that they did. I have a double sided sheet that the 3 year olds might not get to both sides so your challenge is so help them finish it at home. The 4 year olds will bring their sheet home on Thursday and have had two days to work on it. Have them tell you what they letter and number they learned and have them name common words or words in the house with that letter.